Wednesday, 31 March 2010

wool eyes

You are wool eyes

You don't want to see

You create a wooly truth

Thats hazy and comfy

You are wool eyes

The truth would make you cry

So you create your wooly view

The perfect alibi

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Words and Pictures

I love words

I love pictures

Words to speak

Pictures for chic

Who do I love more

Words or pictures?

Both are open to interpretation

But words are harder to ignore

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Save me from Sylvia

When I get too self obsessed

Luxuriating in my mess

When I'm sickeningly seduced by my own fall

When I'm staring at the wine

When you ask me and I cry

Falling to the ground like a silly sorry fawn

When I'm poisonous to touch

When I need your love too much

Seeing only all the things in life I hate

When my words are laced with spite

When I crush you with my might

Stabbing tragedies of family with vanity

When I blame it all on history

When I burden you with mystery

Carrying all the weight of them upon my back

When I think I am too brilliant

When I'm on the verge of hideous

Strutting like a man who's lost his mind

When I see how I could damage

I have to take a breath

When I think about a marriage

It makes me think of death

When I stand outside and see myself

It makes me feel ashamed

The little life that I shall hold

Must never know this pain

Monday, 22 March 2010

Selling Time

How much do you need?

We charge per minute..

and forever is on discount at the moment

Opportunity Knocks

I could never love you

So don't bother

You're not innocent in your heart

So don't bother

You are a weak animal

I can see your insecurities shining like a beacon

under your false machismo

You will always be 5 light years

away from the doors of my heart

Shall I tell you now or later?

One Day

One day I will do something important

Something that doesn't make me feel dormant

Where I don't feel hypocrytical

For realisations unsaid

One day I will do something important

Something that doesn't make me feel ashamed

for the knowledge I have gained

I will put to use my take

Sunday, 21 March 2010

All I Want

I want answers

Give me answers

I can't concentrate on chances

When you won't give me the answers

Contemplating, waiting

For those answers based on guesses of a guess

I want kisses

Give me kisses

I can't concentrate on missing

With nothing to be blissing

Imagining, dreaming

Of a situation where i'm living nothing less

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Not About Shoes

As much as I like shoes

I honestly don't care

I'm not the kind of women

Who blow dries her hair

Putting on my make up

Will take about 5 minutes

Just through some glitter on my eyes

and there you go I'm finished

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Different 'Standards'

Compared to you I'm brilliant

And you seem like a joke

But to myself I'm not as good as anything I'd hope

That is my dilemma! Am I good enough for me?

It's only when I think I am that I will succeed

I wonder how you can let them think you've really done your best?

Your best is like my sketchbook of the stuff I'd best forget

If I seem bigheaded...well thats because I am!

I've walked the walk of many men and courage says I can

The Female What?

Woman have some dignity

You look just like a pig

The greedy way you chat all day

On about your wig

You're self obsessed

You're never dressed

Please don't say we've won

Feminism's had it's day

And now you're someone's mum

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Homeward Bound

Did I do something wrong when I was born?

Look at you in a way to make you feel undone?

Need you differently to any other child?

Do I make you feel ill when you look in my eyes?

Would you like to know anything about me?

I wonder....

But I will never compete with your gloom

Maybe you really don't realise I exist...

In which case, I forgive you

Exquisite Avant Garde

Catch the moment

Don't let it go

Loose yourself in the wave of the new flow

You belong to this moment in time

Live now in the shape of the century

live for the beat of the avant garde

die for the chic of the avant garde

hot for the heat of the avant garde

breathe deep niche clique! oh exquisite avant garde!

back then nobody knows who you are

you know your gonna be a bright star

zeitgeist you wanna ride you're own way

you've forgotton who you needed yesterday

so alive in the dives that are talked about

flaunting your art so you can bop your heart out

glitterball spins as you move through the night

you are shining in your DIY spotlight

lead the way inspirational soldier

forefront of the new world order

is this the vanguard of cultural force?

your sophistication shall be eternally taught

When I am Ready

When I am ready
I will serve it on a plate
You wont be able to stop
The commotion I create
When I am ready
You will see me as I am
devoid of superficial hype
The real and honest man

Monday, 8 March 2010

The Octopus Door

I wish I never thought

And that my brain didn't itch

And I don't have to convince myself

That I'm here, not somewhere else

Because I know they say I'm here

But I'm really not so sure

When looking out the window

I'm sure I see a door

The door is in the sky

Where the octopus's fly

And the sea falls like snowflakes

Over hairdryers in batter.

Now where did I put my Oyster card again?

Sweet Ian Dury

I never had a hero

Cos I dont believe in worship

But every time I hear you speak

I do believe you're worth it

You really were a kind man

A heart of solid gold

Everybody loved you

You showed how humans roll

I worry that there's no one

Who speaks the way you do

Honest, unpretentious

and funny woopeedoo!

I hope you hear me thinking

I hope you take my call

I hope you're with Gene Vincent

And I hope you're having a ball

Being Flimsy

Being flimsy might be fun

Being flimsy comes undone

It shines for all of 20 seconds

And then it falls when substance beckons

Being flimsy has no skeleton

Being flimsy is temporary wellingtons

I would rather be made of stone

And remain forever unknown

Sunday, 7 March 2010


She's so fashionable, fashionable

And she is!

She wears all the right things to swear by

A statement of magnificent things

She's having it all, having a better time than you!

That's what the labels say

and it's coming up to pay day..

Monday, 1 March 2010

Sunny Money

Although the snow looks pretty
It hurts me like the plague
My days are full of sadness
The nights are always vague
But when the sunshine hits me
Like aliens in a landing ship
My face takes on a romance
A dreamy dancing trip
Everything is glowing
Everything is light
My finances are going
But in the summer that's quite alright