Saturday, 16 April 2011

my unfashionable heart

My unfashionable heart
Loved you from the start
For who you are; in your core
my unfashionable heart

Save your trends
i want a friend
Stylish cares consume you
you wont chose me
for i could set you free
so you'll say i used you

i dont think i cant make it
i really cannot fake it
i wonder if i'll make it
the world is way too famous
i dont know why i want this
its not vanity or sobriety
what is it with society?

Friday, 15 April 2011

Shut ya mouth

Sometimes I really wish,
I didn't think one bit
That I would keep my mouth shut,
for the sake of saving it
Fashion would be easy
Style would be a joy
Instead I always question to the point that I annoy
Why isn't it enough?
That I can just look good?
Why do I feel so crazy? and so misunderstood?
So instead I prod you
but I don't wish you to cry
I just want to wake you up,
to feel before you die