Friday, 30 April 2010

Brand Rock 'n' Roll

What did they die for?

What did they try for?

They came to beat the system

And ended up the victim..

Sid's face sells the t-shirts now

Kurt's words, the latest gimmick

Your artwork launches trainers

To consumer die hard cynics

Generation worship image

brand rock n roll lives on

Live fast, die young

The rebel's day is done

I am not an icon

You are not my market
And I am not their cow
I am not an icon
From being in the now

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Money is just paper with a face on...

Drummond and Cauty show us how it's done..

Monday, 5 April 2010


Why won't you go as far as you can think?

Revelations and the kitchen sink

Memory is weak when you could win

Mouth that punches lies as fast as sin

Celebrations give me time to think

Disappointment hurts me to the brink

All you've gained forgotten in a flash

Why so certain boomerang comes back?

All forgotten so forgot-me-not

Offer you a flower, regret is worse than rot

One Little Cynic

Take the piss out of life

Till your laughing hard on ice

If you don't say what you mean no one will know

Douse intent with bitter spirit

So profound your hearts not in it

If you don't say what you mean no one will know

Rip the bliss out of life

Till your afraid to just be nice

if you dont say what you mean no one will know

Lay emotion out to dry

Ridicule the right to cry

if you don't say what you mean your chance will go

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Perspective is the answer

Your vision is squewed

You see too much value in something because it's new

If it's old, unless it can be packaged and sold

It has no relevance for you

I'm happy to say you are wrong

And whoever taught you this must be hung

Are you ready to sing along?

Friday, 2 April 2010

You are your leader

My name is Namalee

Please don't follow me

If you want to be like me

You've got to be like you

The Self Doubt Boogie

Am I brilliant or am I shit?

Am I genius or really thick?

Am I glorious when drenched in doubt?

Am I labouriously delivering nowt?

Am I anything? am I mistaken?

Am I luxury? discount taken

Am I a pervert? Who crudely flashes?

Am I necessery at designer bashes?

Am I taking space that could be taken?

Are these words even forsaken?

Am I old or am I young?

Am I very nearly scared enough to run?

Am I near or am I far?

Should I stop and buy a car?

Am I braver than I was? Am I doing this because..?

Am I good or am I bad?

Am I happier than sad?

Am I right or am I wrong?

Shall I stop or carry on?

Fashion Store Riot of 2010

It wasn't a riot

It was simply a queue

A thousand youth shoppers

Doing what they do

And though the trail travelled for miles round the block

Excitement of purchase can't come as a shock

This is our creation, this is our religion

This is what we live for

So this is what we're given

Consumerist capitalist children of fashion

They've come as a warning of what's going to happen