Monday, 15 November 2010


Ah i see you wearing my soul
you wear it well, without holes
and it looks crumple free!
nothing ever sat that easy on me

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Generation Me

Look at me
hear me make noise
Nice and loud
Not so proud
Fill up my void

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

the politics of politics

I care about politics
All the time
I care about the politics
of time
I care about living
on this earth
I care about death
and I care about birth
freedom to feel good,
freedom to resist
the power to live
the divine right to exist
The politics of politics
don't interest me at all
The fight to lead
The fight for greed
it's all a losers ball

Friday, 30 April 2010

Brand Rock 'n' Roll

What did they die for?

What did they try for?

They came to beat the system

And ended up the victim..

Sid's face sells the t-shirts now

Kurt's words, the latest gimmick

Your artwork launches trainers

To consumer die hard cynics

Generation worship image

brand rock n roll lives on

Live fast, die young

The rebel's day is done

I am not an icon

You are not my market
And I am not their cow
I am not an icon
From being in the now

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Money is just paper with a face on...

Drummond and Cauty show us how it's done..

Monday, 5 April 2010


Why won't you go as far as you can think?

Revelations and the kitchen sink

Memory is weak when you could win

Mouth that punches lies as fast as sin

Celebrations give me time to think

Disappointment hurts me to the brink

All you've gained forgotten in a flash

Why so certain boomerang comes back?

All forgotten so forgot-me-not

Offer you a flower, regret is worse than rot

One Little Cynic

Take the piss out of life

Till your laughing hard on ice

If you don't say what you mean no one will know

Douse intent with bitter spirit

So profound your hearts not in it

If you don't say what you mean no one will know

Rip the bliss out of life

Till your afraid to just be nice

if you dont say what you mean no one will know

Lay emotion out to dry

Ridicule the right to cry

if you don't say what you mean your chance will go

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Perspective is the answer

Your vision is squewed

You see too much value in something because it's new

If it's old, unless it can be packaged and sold

It has no relevance for you

I'm happy to say you are wrong

And whoever taught you this must be hung

Are you ready to sing along?

Friday, 2 April 2010

You are your leader

My name is Namalee

Please don't follow me

If you want to be like me

You've got to be like you

The Self Doubt Boogie

Am I brilliant or am I shit?

Am I genius or really thick?

Am I glorious when drenched in doubt?

Am I labouriously delivering nowt?

Am I anything? am I mistaken?

Am I luxury? discount taken

Am I a pervert? Who crudely flashes?

Am I necessery at designer bashes?

Am I taking space that could be taken?

Are these words even forsaken?

Am I old or am I young?

Am I very nearly scared enough to run?

Am I near or am I far?

Should I stop and buy a car?

Am I braver than I was? Am I doing this because..?

Am I good or am I bad?

Am I happier than sad?

Am I right or am I wrong?

Shall I stop or carry on?

Fashion Store Riot of 2010

It wasn't a riot

It was simply a queue

A thousand youth shoppers

Doing what they do

And though the trail travelled for miles round the block

Excitement of purchase can't come as a shock

This is our creation, this is our religion

This is what we live for

So this is what we're given

Consumerist capitalist children of fashion

They've come as a warning of what's going to happen

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

wool eyes

You are wool eyes

You don't want to see

You create a wooly truth

Thats hazy and comfy

You are wool eyes

The truth would make you cry

So you create your wooly view

The perfect alibi

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Words and Pictures

I love words

I love pictures

Words to speak

Pictures for chic

Who do I love more

Words or pictures?

Both are open to interpretation

But words are harder to ignore

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Save me from Sylvia

When I get too self obsessed

Luxuriating in my mess

When I'm sickeningly seduced by my own fall

When I'm staring at the wine

When you ask me and I cry

Falling to the ground like a silly sorry fawn

When I'm poisonous to touch

When I need your love too much

Seeing only all the things in life I hate

When my words are laced with spite

When I crush you with my might

Stabbing tragedies of family with vanity

When I blame it all on history

When I burden you with mystery

Carrying all the weight of them upon my back

When I think I am too brilliant

When I'm on the verge of hideous

Strutting like a man who's lost his mind

When I see how I could damage

I have to take a breath

When I think about a marriage

It makes me think of death

When I stand outside and see myself

It makes me feel ashamed

The little life that I shall hold

Must never know this pain

Monday, 22 March 2010

Selling Time

How much do you need?

We charge per minute..

and forever is on discount at the moment

Opportunity Knocks

I could never love you

So don't bother

You're not innocent in your heart

So don't bother

You are a weak animal

I can see your insecurities shining like a beacon

under your false machismo

You will always be 5 light years

away from the doors of my heart

Shall I tell you now or later?

One Day

One day I will do something important

Something that doesn't make me feel dormant

Where I don't feel hypocrytical

For realisations unsaid

One day I will do something important

Something that doesn't make me feel ashamed

for the knowledge I have gained

I will put to use my take

Sunday, 21 March 2010

All I Want

I want answers

Give me answers

I can't concentrate on chances

When you won't give me the answers

Contemplating, waiting

For those answers based on guesses of a guess

I want kisses

Give me kisses

I can't concentrate on missing

With nothing to be blissing

Imagining, dreaming

Of a situation where i'm living nothing less

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Not About Shoes

As much as I like shoes

I honestly don't care

I'm not the kind of women

Who blow dries her hair

Putting on my make up

Will take about 5 minutes

Just through some glitter on my eyes

and there you go I'm finished

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Different 'Standards'

Compared to you I'm brilliant

And you seem like a joke

But to myself I'm not as good as anything I'd hope

That is my dilemma! Am I good enough for me?

It's only when I think I am that I will succeed

I wonder how you can let them think you've really done your best?

Your best is like my sketchbook of the stuff I'd best forget

If I seem bigheaded...well thats because I am!

I've walked the walk of many men and courage says I can

The Female What?

Woman have some dignity

You look just like a pig

The greedy way you chat all day

On about your wig

You're self obsessed

You're never dressed

Please don't say we've won

Feminism's had it's day

And now you're someone's mum

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Homeward Bound

Did I do something wrong when I was born?

Look at you in a way to make you feel undone?

Need you differently to any other child?

Do I make you feel ill when you look in my eyes?

Would you like to know anything about me?

I wonder....

But I will never compete with your gloom

Maybe you really don't realise I exist...

In which case, I forgive you

Exquisite Avant Garde

Catch the moment

Don't let it go

Loose yourself in the wave of the new flow

You belong to this moment in time

Live now in the shape of the century

live for the beat of the avant garde

die for the chic of the avant garde

hot for the heat of the avant garde

breathe deep niche clique! oh exquisite avant garde!

back then nobody knows who you are

you know your gonna be a bright star

zeitgeist you wanna ride you're own way

you've forgotton who you needed yesterday

so alive in the dives that are talked about

flaunting your art so you can bop your heart out

glitterball spins as you move through the night

you are shining in your DIY spotlight

lead the way inspirational soldier

forefront of the new world order

is this the vanguard of cultural force?

your sophistication shall be eternally taught

When I am Ready

When I am ready
I will serve it on a plate
You wont be able to stop
The commotion I create
When I am ready
You will see me as I am
devoid of superficial hype
The real and honest man

Monday, 8 March 2010

The Octopus Door

I wish I never thought

And that my brain didn't itch

And I don't have to convince myself

That I'm here, not somewhere else

Because I know they say I'm here

But I'm really not so sure

When looking out the window

I'm sure I see a door

The door is in the sky

Where the octopus's fly

And the sea falls like snowflakes

Over hairdryers in batter.

Now where did I put my Oyster card again?

Sweet Ian Dury

I never had a hero

Cos I dont believe in worship

But every time I hear you speak

I do believe you're worth it

You really were a kind man

A heart of solid gold

Everybody loved you

You showed how humans roll

I worry that there's no one

Who speaks the way you do

Honest, unpretentious

and funny woopeedoo!

I hope you hear me thinking

I hope you take my call

I hope you're with Gene Vincent

And I hope you're having a ball

Being Flimsy

Being flimsy might be fun

Being flimsy comes undone

It shines for all of 20 seconds

And then it falls when substance beckons

Being flimsy has no skeleton

Being flimsy is temporary wellingtons

I would rather be made of stone

And remain forever unknown

Sunday, 7 March 2010


She's so fashionable, fashionable

And she is!

She wears all the right things to swear by

A statement of magnificent things

She's having it all, having a better time than you!

That's what the labels say

and it's coming up to pay day..

Monday, 1 March 2010

Sunny Money

Although the snow looks pretty
It hurts me like the plague
My days are full of sadness
The nights are always vague
But when the sunshine hits me
Like aliens in a landing ship
My face takes on a romance
A dreamy dancing trip
Everything is glowing
Everything is light
My finances are going
But in the summer that's quite alright

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Willfully Obscure Bore

Oh willfully obscure bore

You are dull as cement

You think that to be of artful disposition

One must be unsmiling and sour faced

Oh willfully obscure bore

In your fashion du jour

All the dead artists you hold in such high regard

Would despise your particular avant garde

Oh willfully obsure bore

Please explain what it is you mean?

With your metaphors and flourishes

Full of empty hipster promises

The Long Hard Road To Brilliance

Truly brilliant things take time to become that way.

It's a process of trial and error development that only the strongest will survive.

Every time you lay down a layer of creation, it's like building the foundations of a bridge into your soul.

And when people start to see that the soul exists, that's when they know you are genuine.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

No Competition

Don't try and compete with me

because you will win

and you'll feel like you've lost

Haha...I win.

I Miss You Most Miss

Sometimes I see glimpses of you

Your words are very often true

I miss you most miss

We could be beyond this

Dark humour born of someone blue

You funny enemy we're the same fish in sea

I miss you most miss

Blowing you a warm kiss

The Deadly Square

On the verge almost every other day

Take the pain on the chin

Don't want narcotics to numb it all away

I want to feel the mess I'm in

Come and balance on my cliff, right on the edge

This is where I stand when I'm relaxing

I dare any one of you to go to where I've been

You'd be missing (presumed dead) within a fraction

Goodbye Friend

What's done is done

You had your chance not to run

Gave you love so freely

Asked you for nothing so completely

We had truly good times

Bet you haven't laughed like that in a while

You took for granted real friendship

Not disposable, I meant it

Now I hear you singing my praises

Where was your love during vital stages?

It's easy now I'm out the other side

But where you when I was burning alive?

Goodbye friend a toast to you

I'm sorry that you're feeling blue

But I've survived, I'm still the same

And I don't recognise you anyway

A New Aesthetic Testament

Wear your heart on your sleeve

Layered glory make believe

Bring the gods to their knees

When she walks down the street

There is nature in this vision

Bella donna cut precision

She's the life, she's the night

Printed pacifist who'll fight

A new aesthetic they created

From a century thats fading

Arts and crafts evolution

Beyond chaos revolution

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Her eyes are fading

Her warmth is cold

Her statement hazy

Her spirit old

You make her fight

The things she needs

Make her ponder

Starting to freeze

She starts to burn

With all the ice

It makes her wonder

She's thinking twice

Everything But The Girl

How much will you take

Until her heart breaks

Till she's drained of her art

Alone in the dark

Will you slice off her smile?

And fry it in style?

Will you drain her of colour?

Sell her soul by the hour?

Or will you be kinder?

Take her eyes out and blind her?

To the things that she saw

All those light years before

So that nobody knows

What she meant never grows

And it's left like a root

In a mountain of old forgotten hope

Monday, 22 February 2010

The Length Of Love

How long is love?
How deep is hate?
And can the two collaborate?

Ode To Pseudo Depressives

If only you knew

How you are not even nearly blue

When you moan about your truth

You're as chemical as glue

If you only knew

How much strength it takes to prove

That the world around you's sunny

And you're selfish like a dummy

If you only knew

How much this laughter hides

All the cuts inside my mind

That you will never find

Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Breeze With No Shame

Don't understand what you see

Ask no questions, just stampede

Light in your right to succeed

Don't contemplate, it's a breeze

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Not For Sale

Look just like me

Could just be me

At a distance, with insistence

Move just like me

Talk just like me

With an easy, bright and breezy

Nicely packaged, not so damaged

Panoramic sellability..

But what for credibility?

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Real Thing

It's not the drink it’s the way you are, the way you wink
It's not a 'style' it’s the way you live, the way you think
It's not a scene it’s the way you love, the way you dream
It's not exclusive it’s not V.I.P celebrity

If you've got it you will know, take your time and build it slow
If you're strong enough then maybe you're the real thing?
It wont always be clear but those around will lend an ear
You show no fear because you know you are the real thing

It's not the talk, it’s the way you walk
Its' not for sale, it's beyond retail to much avail
It's not how loud you shout, it’s the message you put out
So if you really want some clout then work at something

It's not easy being true, So take care in what you do
Don’t get deluded when they try to break your art
You will suffer for your vision, so walk the line with wild precision
And stay alive, alive with fists of beating hearts!

By Namalee Bolle, 2008

Free Spirit Seeks Boundaries To Break

You set me free
By giving me restrictions
So I can break them
With even more conviction!
I love your rules
They give me hurdles
So I can run and jump and leap
At inappropriate interjections
And drive you crazy!
And made you mad!
It gives me joy I would never have had
Without your rules what would I do?
I would be crying
I would be blue

By Namalee Bolle, 2010

15 Minutes Of Rebellion

all the young punks

become the new establishment.

they rebel against the old guard

to bring on the new order

and in time the new order

will become the same as old guard they so despised

...all in good time