Sunday, 12 June 2011

Children Of The Damned

Laugh at us! point at us !

We don't fit in

If you want a tale thick as thieves I'll begin

Our story is glorious fantasy free

Just look a bit harder and then you will see

Paupers and gentlemen, wizards and spirits

Put on a smile for the show with no limits

Aliens immigrants, child of no race

All come united bedazzle this place

Last Night Of The World

Dance like the last night of the world

Dress like your not a boy or a girl

Live like you just had a fight with an angel

Love like you just took a bite of the rainbow

Dance like the last night of the world

Dress like your not a boy or a girl

Live like you fell irate from the stars

Love like you never knew earth just mars

Does this mean something?

I wonder does this mean something to you?

Did I chose the right thing to do

I find meaning where there are no clues

Why is it something to me?

How come I can't watch some TV?

Spend hours plotting you see

Is there something in my blood?

Maybe war or foreign mud?


My new porn magazine for women focusing on mens testicles

As Good as it Could be

Nothing is as good as it could be

as it should be, as it could be

Dont you want to run beside me?

Not behind me

Come and find me!

Your Life Is A Prototype

It hits in 2005

my radical world is amplified

Got no plans to make it big

taking chances, its my fix

Im so bright yeah im so sad

And these days are the best I could ever have

You are magnetic,

bit too psychotic

enjoy the hype,

your life is a prototype

Step aside see me trailblazer

I walk slow not for show see me trailblazer

Seen it all had a ball im the trailblazer

Step aside see me trailblazer

I walk slow not for show see me trailblazer

Seen it all had a ball i'm the trailblazer

And much to my surprise

The world around me's memesmerised

Sir I beg you take a risk

Dont flatter my courage to create my nemesis

Oh doppelganger one two three

I may be a vision, but please don’t just look at me

your magnetic,

bit too psychotic

enjoy the hype

your life is a prototype

The Fascinator

She’s a modern fascinator

Flash her eyes like terminator

Paint her nails with alligator

She’s a modern fascinator

She’s a modern fascinator

Omnipresent gladiator

Oh you love her and you hate her

Hail the modern fascinator

Magic from Tragic

Magic, born from pain

and I just don’t know

How to be the same

I couldn’t if I tried

I’ll pay you kindly just to keep me alive

Relentless Optimism

Shining striving always smiling

Especially when the devils on my back

Oh despise me, you cant terrorise me

My heart was always bleeding black

X Factotum

The ones that you admire
The forgeries of truth
They put her on pedastal
And style her mispent youth
She's just a robot's moll
With nothing in her skull
The reference is specific
And the entertainment dull

Saturday, 16 April 2011

my unfashionable heart

My unfashionable heart
Loved you from the start
For who you are; in your core
my unfashionable heart

Save your trends
i want a friend
Stylish cares consume you
you wont chose me
for i could set you free
so you'll say i used you

i dont think i cant make it
i really cannot fake it
i wonder if i'll make it
the world is way too famous
i dont know why i want this
its not vanity or sobriety
what is it with society?

Friday, 15 April 2011

Shut ya mouth

Sometimes I really wish,
I didn't think one bit
That I would keep my mouth shut,
for the sake of saving it
Fashion would be easy
Style would be a joy
Instead I always question to the point that I annoy
Why isn't it enough?
That I can just look good?
Why do I feel so crazy? and so misunderstood?
So instead I prod you
but I don't wish you to cry
I just want to wake you up,
to feel before you die